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Some housekeeping notes October 17, 2007

Posted by cobaltmale in admin, gay erotic.

“From your 248 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 4,984 items, starred 4 items, shared 2,818 items, and emailed 0 items.”

That’s what my Google Reader’s stats tell me today about my “blog within a blog” which can be accessed (if you’re minded and 18) at top left and in almost bottom left column. It does get a shedload of hits, and it needs to with a turnover like that (2918 divided by 30 is just about 94 – that’s the average number of external posts per day imported into the blog!).

Anyway I’m after a bit of feedback from my lustier regulars…

Am I overloading it or is it a case of the more, the merrier? I realise there’s a fair bit of duplication in there when half a dozen blogs carry the same advertorial for a photoset/video from one particular site or even a celeb photoset such as the flurry this week over the Ben Cohen calendar.

I’m also in two minds about quality control as I don’t prune it so much that it’s ‘la creme de la creme’ in there and I’ve got varied tastes. Saying that I don’t consciously include any ‘bareback’ material on principle and there are obviously certain things that will never appear. My preference personally is for solo material, but I know others crave a bit of action too.

On the other extreme, a lot of the gay blog posts I share are actually quite family-friendly and I do feel a bit guilty shutting them off to younger readers, however I try to copy and paste the best of these into del.icio.us or the main blog. Likewise the real gay porn afficionados may not appreciate the dilution!

And to explain why the 18+ panel widget can look a bit incomprehensible – basically, although it is easy as pie to click ‘share’ on each item, I can’t edit the post title or add a comment as I’m used to with the del.icio.us widget. Hence all the foreign language in there. However, if you can trust my judgement you do get directed to the original post as per the original blog, which in some cases are longer than the feed in the ‘collated’ version I initiate. The blog owners too would, I’m sure, appreciate the visit.

Two further related points about content here on “the world from here”:

As you may have guessed, I’ve discontinued “Gay Porn Star Peek” mainly due to the 18+ blog subsuming its role a hundred-fold. It was also a bit more of a pain to complile than it looked, especially since I’ve not had computer access at home. So sorry to all the GPSP fans but I hope there remains enough smut and totty here to keep you amused.

Also, as from today you might notice I’m opening my Flickrs for you! Well at least the public photos from my Flickr account. There’s 3 in all and they each display a random 10 photos from 3 distinct sets, landscape photos I’ve taken (until the camera went AWOL last month), model shots I’ve taken (usually with Stuart’s camera thankfully) and lastly a magpie collection of assorted homoerotica.

You can go directly to any photo that takes your fancy by clicking on the individual thumbnail display or click the lower hyperlink which takes you to the entire sets. Note that every time you refresh or revisit the photo selection changes.

Anyway please feel free to comment (either here or at Flickr) or email direct at cobaltmale (at) gmail.com.




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