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Scottish News Priorities … October 5, 2007

Posted by cobaltmale in scotland.

I am quoting verbatim an email I got from my mate Stuart this morning, Bear in mind this is someone who has given me cups of tea in a Celtic mug and is a much more avid follower of the game …

“Been having a rant on Usenet about the 6 PM Scottish ITV News tonight giving Top Billing to some guy running on to the pitch at Celtic Park last night .A full 5 minutes incl a live reporter at Celtic Park . Then they decided to mention a debate at Holyrood .Can’t not give football it’s place can we .!!!

Some woman commented in reply to me ..

>I did grasp your point first time around. I also disagreed with
>you on the over dramatisation thing. I was looking forward to
>getting a clear picture of the pillock. The event could be nothing
>it will be something if Celtic end up getting walloped too hard.
>Maybe there are others out there who would have wished fuller
>coverage of the event and it’s possible future outcomes.
>Oh well maybe not. I for one felt that the STV coverage was a
>downright disgrace of under coverage.

Check the last sentence . I then asked if maybe she wanted the full 30 minutes devoted to the incident .

Others just accused me of being a greetin’ face .FFS “

I am also minded to note that they would no doubt have ended the report with the phrase “And now over to the sports desk …”




1. Stu - October 5, 2007

Wel it was more like ” We’ll have more sports ( STV Speak for “football” ) news later in the programme .

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