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Attitude: April 2007 issue April 7, 2007

Posted by cobaltmale in actors, Attitude, Popstars, totty.

“Attitude” seems to be back on form (mostly) after it’s crisis at the turn of the year. This month’s cover star is Mika, who is given a further 12 pages of text and photoshoot – they have an annoying habit of giving 2 pages to just text or just photos which is a bit disconcerting and puts you off reading. They have also followed up last month’s slightly disappointing shoot with “Skins” actors to a downright awful 2-photo shoot with “Hollyoaks” gay-for-pay actors Guy Burnet and James Sutton. I’d sue if I was them! Needless to say I’m not scanning them.

One of the features is with real-life Men At Play types – basically gay men in suited professions. Poster boy of this is stunning 27 yo property solicitor James (above).

The token naked bloke this issue is Stuart Mann (above) from the current series of C4’s “Shipwrecked”.

The duo above are Nemesis, an American pop act who are both cute, both gay and happen to be identical twin brothers (hair dye apart).

Lastly, and again limited to 2 photos, is David Tennant, no stranger to this blog. He explains what it’s like to be “the only straight in the village” on the “Doctor Who set (slight exaggeration I think) and why he’s pissed off at the ficklesness of “Pink Paper” readers.

As well as the above there’s also Kristian Digby, Beth Ditto, Mark Ronson, Beverley Knight and Matt Willis.



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